Answers to questions you might not know to ask.

WeSource is a bespoke sourcing service for businesses looking to manufacture in China. It was established by two employees of China Performance Group, a premier sourcing firm with offices in China, the United States and Belgium which has helped American businesses import over $100 million in products over 40 years. 

Crowdfunding, 3D printing and Alibaba have given life to a new generation of hardware startups, bringing ideas to life cheaper and faster than ever before. 

Unfortunately, many businesses stumble or fail while working with China due to unexpected circumstances that could be avoided - simply by knowing the right questions to ask. 

WeSource aims to bridge that gap. 

Nathalie De Clercq has ten years of of experience of working with clients to streamline their China purchasing programs. Laura O'Loughlin has extensive experience working with China, first through her own product business and more recently as a sourcing manager. 

WeSource acts as an extension of its clients' operations, giving them complete control of their supply chain through advisory services, professional sourcing capabilities and proven sourcing systems.   

With one experienced point of contact, we guarantee doing business with China will be easier.